Child Custody & Visitation

Regardless of how significant the assets and property are being argued over during a divorce, the real red flag issue is almost always about access to the children of a marriage that is ending.

Is your California divorce being tied up in heated discussions about child custody and visitation?

Our law firm — the P&N Law Firm — can help.

During the 10 years of their combined experience as family law and divorce attorneys, Pooja Patel and Ruben Newell have shown many individuals, couples and families the way to practical solutions for these tense disputes. These skilled, compassionate lawyers listen carefully to your goals, explain the law, advise and advocate in ways that serve your interests.

P&N Law Firm — Dedicated To Your Southern California Family's Brighter Future

Ms. Patel and Mr. Newell are highly proficient at negotiating and, if necessary, litigating for the most favorable results possible during child custody phases of uncontested, contested and high-asset divorces. They work hard to establish parenting time arrangements that promote "the best interest of the child."

If a post-judgment modification of a child access provision in your settlement agreement is needed to update obligations, we can pursue that objective for you. If you feel that a custodial co-parent's intention of moving out of state with a child you share has become a case of parental alienation — or if a court-ordered enforcement is needed to require a former spouse to fulfill visitation responsibilities — the P&N Law Firm is on your side.

For any divorce-related disagreement that diminishes your point of view and threatens to further divide loved ones, look to our Chino and Pasadena law offices to provide the leadership that gives you peace of mind.

Your free initial consultation with us is free of charge. To secure an appointment, just call 866-400-8094 or send an email message from this website. We welcome the opportunity to serve you in any way we can.

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