Parental Alienation

Is your former spouse saying and doing things that are critical of you, meant to negatively color your child's opinion of you?

Since your divorce, have you been accused of refusing to parent in a cooperative, collaborative manner, in ways that promote parental alienation syndrome in your child?

At the P&N Law Firm, our experienced divorce and family law attorneys Pooja Patel and Ruben Newell encourage both parents to maintain prominent, productive roles in their child's or children's upbringing. They use extensive legal knowledge, input from mental health professionals and lessons learned from their combined decade of successful service, to redirect your family to the proper path, post-divorce.

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Examples of parental alienation go far beyond simple arguments between mothers and fathers in the child's presence. They include:

  • Actual placement of physical obstacles between parent and child such as interrupting visitation arrangements and attempts to relocate a child away from the parent being criticized
  • False accusations of child abuse and substance abuse
  • Preventing regular communication between child and parent
  • Excluding a parent from a child's extracurricular activities
  • Urging the child not to visit with the other parent
  • Instilling guilt in the child for enjoying the co-parent's company

Are you suffering, and is your child suffering, from alienation originating with a co-parent? The skilled lawyers at the P&N Law Firm want to hear your side of the story, and help you chart a course of action that addresses the problem. We work hard to generate remedies for parental alienation that serve "the best interest of the child."

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