Post-Judgment Modifications

You may think your California divorce is final — but it's not. Life goes on, settlement agreement or no settlement agreement. Children grow into adolescence. Jobs are won and lost. Injuries and illnesses become expensive. Employment and medical care searches can lead post-divorce co-parents out of state for permanent relocation.

If you are attempting to adjust to a sudden, substantial change in circumstance, and your lifestyle is about to change dramatically, you may need a modification of child custody, visitation or support obligations that reflect such a change.

In Chino and Los Angeles, the experienced divorce and family law attorneys who can help you petition the court to request or contest a post-judgment modification are Pooja Patel and Ruben Newell of the P&N Law Firm.

These dedicated domestic relations lawyers possess 10 years of combined experience with handling spontaneous legal issues like these for people just like you, with families just like yours. They listen carefully as you describe every element of your situation. They respond with thoughtful assessments based on extensive knowledge of the statutes. They draft binding documents based on your specific needs. And along the way, they provide one-on-one personal service that calmly addresses every question and concern.

The Family Law Firm To Come To When Post-Judgment Modifications Are Necessary

Do you feel you are paying too much child support or spousal support, or receiving too little?

Do you need your divorce settlement agreement modified, or a court-ordered "enforcement" when post-divorce responsibilities are repeatedly overlooked?

For any urgent legal need that arises out of a financial setback or the desire to relocate with a child or children out of state, we are here for you — at the P&N Law Firm.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing your support and custody modification issues in a confidential, free initial consultation. To reach our law offices in Chino or Pasadena, just call 866-400-8094 or remain at our website to send an email message.